What's your biggest food question?

I have no doubt that the question that I am going to raise strikes fear in the heart of most mothers, partners or household cooks in the country! 

Every day this critical question is raised without much productive contribution from any of the household members. It’s a situation which leaves the family cook in a state of wonderment and a little frustration.

I’ll comfortably bet a few dollars that most of those people that I’m talking about already know what I’m about to say. The question appears in many forms, but is fundamentally the same: “What do you want me to cook today?”, “What do you want to eat this evening?”, “What are we going to have for dinner tonight?”

It’s a difficult matter!!! I ask my husband the same question often and I receive the same indifferent reply (albeit he tells me that he is trying to make my task easier), “Whatever you want sweetheart”.

‘Whatever I want’ is just a simple suggestion about a menu item or even a cuisine type!! I am trying to cook a different meal and not the same ‘minced meat in red sauce’ (better known as ‘Bolognese’) which has been done to death!

There are some options now with companies that deliver not only a recipe, but also the ingredients. However, not all of us have yet ascribed to these memberships and are still trying to resolve this ongoing dilemma for dinner options alone.

So, for those who are still trying to resolve what to cook for dinner, Penny Lane Catering has decided to contribute by suggesting our favourite recipe for the week that we have found! While it won’t resolve the drama every single day, it may serve as a small reprieve for one night each week. 

There’s a little bit of comfort in solidarity!